Summer RV Packing Checklist

We’re in the full swing of summer across the United States, so it’s time to put rubber to the road. Whether you call it camping and break out the tent to rough it at night, or you prefer “glamping” and resting your head on a soft pillow in the comfort of your RV, the great outdoors awaits you this July.

So pull her out of the RV carport, give her a thorough cleaning inside and out, gather your travel companions and begin your next adventure.  Your RV is your house on wheels, so you’ll want to make sure it’s fully stocked before you hit the road.

RV Camping Checklist:
Linens – sheets, sleeping bags, towels
Kitchen supplies – cooking oil, tin foil, paper plates, paper towels, dish soap
Clothing – rain gear, socks and underwear, sweatshirt and light jacket, hiking boots, bathing suit
Solar device chargers
Solar or battery operated candles/lights
Basic First Aid kit
Sun screen/bug spray
Citronella candles
Disposable cleaning wipes
Air compressor
Tool kit
Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot (for checking the weather, not Facebook)

Every adventurer has a different set of needs, so this list is by no means exhaustive (portable meat smoker or frozen drink maker, anyone?). We’ve got you started with the staples. Add on as you need and be sure to write everything down for a quick reference sheet the next time you need to pack up.